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Occupy Wall Street

Grind cities to a halt, will you? Disrupt the mercantile flow, can you? Drop a riot-cop at 20 paces with your unwashed pits, would you? Yeah Occupiers, I guess you’ve sat in, lay-down and stood-up to Wall St and all the other wealth-hoarding corporate elite that have trough-fed the world into economic apoplexy. Stuck it to the man real good. Must be feeling pretty¬†chipper¬†with yourselves.

Well, I wonder how you’ll all be feeling when Vanya occupies your faces with his fist. 99% of the world’s fury is owned by just 1% of Vanya’s biceps. That adds up to a disproportionate allocation of Russian destruction. Bear market? That’s where Vanya shops for wrestling partners. Protest all you want, hippies. By the time Vanya unleashes some corporate raiding on your asses the only thing you’ll be occupying is a cemetery.